Nordic / Cross Country
  Snow Tubing

Snow tubing (hill) grooming equipment has never been this efficient, easy-to-handle or economical.

Whether you’re maintaining a snow tubing park, or your own backyard runs, SNO-MASTERS will enable you to compact and corduroy your runs quickly and professionally.

The economical SNO-MASTER 48 purchased without wings, creates a 48” (1.2M) bermed run with just a 15” long tracked snowmobile. The larger SNO-MASTER 72 with 12” wings and optional SNO-RAZOR levels and grooms a full 8 foot (2.4M) swath, efficiently conditioning large hills in all snow conditions.

SNO-MASTERS exclusive TFC (Total Floatation Control) allows you to compact deep/fresh snow without the need of a separate “roller” implement.

These versatile snow tubing groomers are easy to handle and pull. Their large tracking runners and low center of gravity make them the most maneuverable and efficient snow tubing groomers built.