Classic/Track Setting


Cross country track setting implements have never been this versatile, easy-to-use or economical.

Our TRAKOR® started a revolution in Nordic grooming, enabling classic skiers the ability to groom their own trails with a standard snowmobile, ATV and in some cases even four wheel drive tractors. Nick-named the “Backyard Groomer” it quickly became the affordable grooming solution for many neighborhood, golf course and parks and recreation trail systems. It sets the exact same track as larger commercial track setters, at a fraction of the cost and without the need of a snow cat or dual track snowmobile.


TRAKORS are adjustable to fit your trails, snowmobile and snow conditions. The 20” wide footprint of the TRAKOR penetrates deep into the snow, while being easy to pull. The optional 6”, 8” or 12” flexible urethane wings comb the poling area on both sides, enabling you to choose from 32”, 36” and 44” trail widths.

The weight you place in your TRAKOR controls compaction/floatation and is easily adjusted by changing inexpensive, locally purchased concrete blocks. These blocks can be changed in seconds and allow you to match the capabilities of your snowmobile or ATV, the steepness of your trail system and snow conditions.

A Standard TRAKOR can be equipped with optional equipment, which enables you to expand your trail preparation capabilities. The LOPPET 60 TRAKOR features a 60” long, heavy-duty drawbar, which sets straighter tracks and smoother radius turns. This drawbar also enables you to “bolt-on” the optional 36” SNO-RAZOR that slices through drifts and washboards, leveling your trails in all snow conditions.

Administrators faced with shrinking budgets can tell you exactly how much more ground their crews can cover using the top of the line, “PARK RANGER SPECIAL”, (a TRAKOR towed behind a SNO-MASTER 48 equipped with a SNO-RAZOR). Dual classic tracks can be set using a SNO-MASTER 72 pulling two TRAKORS. These high-speed, single pass groomers operate comfortably at 12-15 MPH and eat up large trail systems quickly and efficiently.

We build every TRAKOR to last a lifetime. The laser cut, 7 gauge runners and 10-gauge belly pan are jig-welded to form an incredibly tough chassis, which is then sand blasted and finally powder-coated for lasting durability. The bottom of every TRAKOR is covered with HDPE plastic, the same material used on the bottom of snow skis. A pair of non-clogging, stainless steel cutters slice through hard packed snow allowing the HDPE track molds to form perfect tracks.

Both the front cover and weight cover are formed from tough, textured ABS plastic. Every nut, bolt and cotter pin used on the TRAKOR is made from stainless steel. The all steel drawbar features a breakaway hitch with either standard or ring-type couplers available.


After final assembly in our trailside factory, TRAKORS are surrounded by foam and packed in a heavy-duty cardboard box for UPS shipment anywhere in the world. We keep an inventory of TRAKORS ready for shipment throughout the year.

TRAKORS are simple to assemble. Bolt on the two wings, slip on the drawbar and cotter pins, and add your solid cement weights and you’re ready to attach to your snowmobile. The skiers using your trails will love the precision tracks you have set, right in your own backyard.