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  Nordic / Cross Country

SNOWGROOMERS.NET has evolved from the former XCSkiGroomers.com. Our original “BACKYARD GROOMER,” the TRAKOR, quickly became the most popular track setter throughout North America and can be found grooming trails as far away as Japan.

Designed to go just about anywhere you’d take a snowmobile, the TRAKOR established that lightweight, easy-to-handle snow groomers can mold snow into any desired shape, without weighing hundreds of pounds and without requiring dual track snowmobiles or snow cats to pull them. Municipalities, golf courses and Nordic clubs found they could begin grooming their trails with as little as a donated long track snowmobile and one easy-to-use grooming implement costing under $600.

We hadn’t been selling TRAKOR’s long when our Nordic Freestyle/Skating customers wanted to know if they could remove the track molds from the bottom of their TRAKOR’s and use them as  “mini” skate lane groomers. We spent the next two years developing the PRO-SKATE 4, which has been renamed the SNO-MASTER 48 for 2005. The SNO-MASTER 48 and its big brother the SNO-MASTER 72 are specifically built to economically groom for any snow sport, along with walking and hiking trails.

We carefully hand assemble our snow groomers in Northern Michigan, at our trailside facility, located 30 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge and 20 miles north of Harbor Springs. This area, just inland from the Lake Michigan shoreline, is known for its “lake effect” snows and is a mecca for every type of snow sport enthusiast. Development work and testing is also done north of Blind River, Ontario.